Groundbreaking Merry Apes Club NFTs

Mint 5 MerryApes and get 1 FREE!!!

Welcome to the Merry Apes Club

In the beginning of the metaverse, 8,888 apes with same goal decided to flee earth to the metaverse for one common goal - Being free and to merry all meta year long. So they made it and decided to go by the name (MERRY APES CLUB).

Members of the club are free apes that love to have fun, merry and enjoy good vibes.

As a club they decided that the Merry Apes Club will stand for positive vibes, multiple streams of income and they like to have fun. Parties, game nights, travel, yacht cruise etc.

Owning one or more Merry Ape gives you access to all the fun activities lined up such as being able to use your Merry ape as your avatar in our upcoming P2E metaverse game and other perks in the metaverse and also in the real world.

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Merry Apes Club NFT

Ground Breaking Merry Ape Metaverse P2E Game Where You Use Your Apes As An Avatar And Earn Crypto


Pushing Innovation Forwards


Join our discord and other social media channels to be a part of our GIVEAWAYS before the Public Launch Day. Lucky winners will get to walk away with a part of $2,000 cash prizes!


Public Launch Day on December 20th, 2021. Mint 5 MerryApes and get 1 FREE!!!


MERRY APES CLUB will be doing a GIVEAWAY to holders with "Rare" and "SuperRare" MerryApes. Lucky holders will get a chance to win 1 of 10 PS5 / XBox Series


50% of our royalties will be donated to help fight poverty in Africa.


Initiate develpment of our MerryApe Play2Earn (P2E) metaverse game where you can use your ape as an avatar in the game.


Purchase a piece of land in the Metaverse and call it our MERRY APES CLUB. Development of the area to make it a place for all MerryApes members to have fun, be merry, display your NFTs, trade NFTs, socialize with people and enjoy good vibes!


Party in the Metaverse! Bring your MerryApe to the party at the MERRY APES CLUB where you could meet other MerryApes/friends, enjoy the dope music, funs and games. Invite a friend to the party and get chances to win competions, giveaways and so much more!


At sell-out of all 8,888 MerryApes, MERRY APES CLUB will be hosting a HUGE GIVEAWAY to all MerryApe holders to get a chance to “WIN 1 of 2 Tesla Model 3".

Our Team

A talented group of friends decided to create dope shit.

With a team of tech experts, artists, designers, and marketing geniuses the MerryApeClub was envisioned and evolved.

Our MerryApe community is more than just Apes our primary goal is build a strong pack that loves to chill the fuck out and vibe.

Merry Ape Czar

Co-Founder | Blockchain Security Expert

Merry Ape Don

Co-Founder | Marketing Specialist

Merry Ape Oak

Co-Founder | Designer

Merry Ape Archangel

Co-Founder | Art Director

Frequently Asked Questions